Our Facility

The Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation center My pet care operates in a detached building in the area of Chalandri, in Athens, Greece. It is equipped with specially designed ramps for easier access to mobility challenged animals. Parking is also available in the front of the building.

The center has a facility dedicated to Physical Rehabilitation where evaluations, therapeutic interventions and hydrotherapy take place and is also equipped with an underwater treadmill - the only one of its kind in Greece and a powerful tool for rehabilitating animals facing mobility challenges and proprioceptive deficits.

Hygiene is very important to the facility. As chemical treatment in the treadmill we use bromide, which is friendlier to the skin than chlorine, the levels of which are monitored daily. Furthermore, the treadmill is equipped with a special filtration system in order to ensure the purification of the water and thus minimize chemical treatment requirements.

All animals are showered before entering for hydrotherapy so as to prevent transfer of dirt and foreign bodies.

Bar from hygiene, safety is another concern of ours. For this reason the flooring of the entire center bears a special water proof, non-skid layer, that also prevents static electricity build-up, and forms tight seals with the wall surface so as to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

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